Exportation Line
Since 2008, Feinkost has been exporting products of its
line to a number of different countries, taking the quality of Brazilian products abroad.
In 2015, we started an internationalization process of the company, developing a specific project with selected products, adapted to this market, making use of typical Brazilian input, deriving from Amazon and our tropical forest.
With deep Brazilian roots, we want to take to the world our best in terms of flavor and quality.
Açaí, Brazil nut, passion fruit and coconut distinguish our cereals, making them unique apart from very tasty.

Granola Croqui Açai +
Brazil Nuts 368g (13oz)

Granola Croqui Tropical
Fruits 368g (13oz)

Granola Croqui Gluten-Free
283g (10oz)

Croqui is made for those that appreciate taste and quality of life. It is prepared with natural and high quality ingredients for a healthy diet.
The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world, covering 6.9 million square kilometers, with an unparalleled biodiversity. It contains half of the planet’s terrestrial species: more than 40,000 species of plants and 400 species of mammals. In addition, the region is home to nearly 1,300 species of birds and 1 million insect species. In the Amazon’s muddy and dark waters, glide 3,000 species of fish. Its 25,000 kilometers of navigable waters provide about 1/5 of the planet’s fresh water reserves. Along its banks live more than 24 million people, including over 342,000 Indians. The lush vegetation of the Amazon rainforest stores between 80 and 120 billion tons of carbon. Besides being an incomparable ecosystem, the Amazon is important beyond its borders as an essential part of the global climate balance.
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