Learn a little more about Passion
Fruit and Coconut

Passion fruit is originally from Tropical America and is famous all around Brazil. Its leaves and roots contain a substance that is similar to morphine, passiflorine, used as sedative. The fruit’s skin in thick and it can be yellow or red. The pulp, the edible part of passion fruit, is made of black seeds covered in a translucent yellow substance which is slightly acid and has a sharp flavor. It can be consumed raw, in juices, ice creams or deserts.

Coconut, a tropical fruit widely cultivated in Brazil, is considered a very healthy and nutritious food. The outer part of the fruit has a smooth greenish shell when young and, when it ripens, it becomes brown and detaches from its content. The inner part has a dark very hard shell and it has an abundant white pulp which can be up to 2cm (0.78in) thick. Its internal cavity has a watery or milky liquid known as coconut water.

Ingredients and
nutrition facts
Did you know?

Passion Fruit

• Soothing Properties
• Powerful Antioxidant
• Source of Vitamin A, C
and B-Complex
• Excellent source of Fibers
• Rich in Minerals


• Excellent source of Fiber
• Rich in Protein, Vitamin C and
• Rich in Minerals
• High in Magnesium
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