Learn a little more about Açai
and Brazil Nut

Açai is a fruit that has been consumed for a long time by the indigenous people living in the Amazon due to its nutritious qualities. It is a small round dark berry found in bunches; its color will range from purple to black. It has a pit and little pulp. To be enjoyed, the berry must be smashed so that its pulp can be collected and mixed to water.

Brazil nuts, typical from the North region, is one of the main exportation products of the Amazon. It is a seed from the same group of the walnuts, almonds and other oil seeds rich in good fats, minerals, phytochemicals apart from having high nutritive value. The nut has a white tasty pulp, covered by a thin bright shell and it can be eaten raw or roasted.

Ingredients and
nutrition facts
Did you know?


• Strengthens the immune
• Powerful Antioxidant
• High in Vitamin C
• Source of Energy

Brazil nuts

• Helps lower bad Cholesterol
• Fights free radicals
• Source of Calcium, Magnesium
and Vitamin E
• Rich in Selenium
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